1. Keir Family Genealogy

This is our first post in the Keir Family Genealogy blogsite. We (a small group of “Keir Collaborators”) plan to use this WordPress website to record and report on our research into the Keir family name (and its variants) throughout Scotland and Great Britain (and especially in West Yorkshire where our Keir ancestors settled in the mid 18th century). Our interest in the Keir Family is purely genealogical as each of us can trace our ancestry through many generations and marriages, to common Keir roots.

These roots prove to be distinctly Scottish in nature and as we shall show through various blog articles to come, that the Keir family name whilst not as famous as some, still holds an important place in the formative history of that country.

Stay tuned for further posts and articles and please feel free to Contact us if you are a Keir descendant or have any information about or interest in the Keir Family and its origins. You can always comment on a post or use the follow button in order to be informed when a new post has been added to this site.



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