6. The Daughters of Rodger Keir & Isobel Armour

Welcome to the 6th Blog entry in this current series of articles looking at the Keir family from Aberdalgie (and Kirkliston). In this (perforce) short blog we look at the daughters of Rodger Keir and Isabell Armour.

As stated previously, we believe that Rodger and Isabel (Isabell or Isobel) had four female offspring in total, all baptized in Kirkliston, West Lothian: Margaret born 18th of June, 1707 (baptized 29th of June, 1707); Elizabeth (1) born 2nd of November, 1712  (baptized 16th of November, 1707) and died soon after; Elizabeth (2) born 24th January, 1714 (baptized 31 Jan 1714) and Janet born 23rd of November, 1716 (baptized a week later). In addition, there was an elder half-sister, Agnes Keir (b. 11 Sep 1696; ba. 13 Sep 1696, also at Kirkliston) the child of Rodger Keir and his first wife Agnes Gilchrist.

What then happened to these children is a mystery. Did they meet the same fate as the first Elizabeth (always an unlucky name in the Keir family)? Or were they married and/or lived full and long lives? The answer is as boring as it is true – we just do not currently know. There appears no further documentation available, that we can find, which will cast any light on this genealogical corundum.

To any and all amateur genealogical researchers out there we pose the following query – what happened to the female children of Rodger Keir & Isobel Armour? Any clues however minor or obscure will be gratefully received – simply add a comment to this blog 🙂

  • Cheers, The Keir Collaboration




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